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Our Mission and Strategy:

Our mission is to provide appropriate IT consulting and technical services to small and medium sized businesses and organizations in a responsible and economical way.

With over 30 years of Information Technology systems, technical and management experience with successful, growing corporations, plus 18 years providing IT consulting and technical services to small and medium sized businesses and organizations, we are capable of assisting with computer technology issues ranging from everyday problems to strategic business decisions.  For larger or very sophisticated projects, we are able to draw on a network of proven vendors, service companies and trusted associates to assist our customers.

ExperiSys strives to serve our customers with integrity and a real concern for their ability to effectively use their computer systems for the benefit of their business or organization.

Our History and Founders:

ExperiSys was formed by Dan R. Neale and Carol L. Neale in January, 2002, as an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company located in Oklahoma City.

At that time, Dan was the Director of IT at Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corporation and had held that position for slightly over eight years.  LDNG was then the fourth largest independent natural gas producer in the United States and had grown dramatically during that eight years.  Prior to holding this position, Mr. Neale successfully held a number of other IT management and technical positions in the Oil and Gas Industry for 22 years, including design, development and support of Oil and Gas financial systems.

During the time leading up to the formation of ExperiSys, Dan became increasingly aware that many small businesses and organizations had become dependent on computer technology for their everyday business success.  However, it was also true that most did not have the technical support resources, skills and experience to assure reliable operation of their systems.  Advances in computer technology over prior years accompanied by the dramatic reduction in the cost of computer hardware and software relative to performance had resulted in these businesses and organizations being able to purchase advanced computer systems to help them perform administrative and critical business functions.  In many ways, their current systems were as sophisticated and critical to their business success as some mainframe-based corporate systems of years past.

So, ExperiSys was born to bring corporate-level IT systems experience to bear on the IT needs of small businesses and organizations.  Since then, ExperiSys has been privileged to assist a wide variety of customers ranging from independent business professionals to small oil & gas producers, trade associations, churches and a major sports retailer.

Dan R. Neale, General Manager, LLC Member
Carol L. Neale, Administrative Manager, LLC Member
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